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What is Green Ex Pty Ltd?

Green Ex Pty Ltd specialises in providing a Moringa liquid concentrate and products. Extraction uses water using a patented extraction technology. The liquid concentrate is rich in nutritional and herbal compounds. The Moringa liquid concentrate is used to fortify beverages and dairy products making herbal Moringa energy drinks, herbal Moringa vitamin water, Moringa ice tea, Moringa drinking and normal yoghurt and Moringa mageu.

Tests performed on our Moringa liquid concentrate and products

I. Bacteria and microbial
II. Nutritional and herbal chemicals
III. Stability tests
IV. Additions in various drinks and dairy products
V. Antibacterial and microbial properties

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Examples of products using our Moringa liquid concentrate

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Moringa farms in Hammanskraal and Limpopo

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Limpopo farm
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Hammanskraal farm